Personal History – training in the USA

Personal History – training in the USA

September 18-25

Basic practical on-site training is performed for the first time in the USA (New-York state)!

The training is held by the founders of the School of Integral Development «Rainbow of Life» Andrew and Julia Kucherenko.

The training is aimed at laying the foundations for your life and strengthening the 1st chakra.

In the program of the seminar:

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of the spine;
  • Yoga practice;
  • Shaping slender (for women) and strong (for men) legs;
  • Liberation from fears, anxieties, and worries;
  • Gaining confidence;
  • Formation of a healthy and creative way of life;
  • Breathing practices;
  • Physical health, causes of illnesses;
  • Cleansing and healing the body;
  • Weight normalization;
  • Getting stability in contact with money, constancy of personal and family life, balance between the internal and external world;
  • Getting rid of habits and bindings;
  • Childhood and parents;
  • Dynamic meditations;
  • Improving the working capacity and endurance;
  • Finding important skills to overcome your fears.

Moderators of the training are Andrew Kucherenko (Blagodat) and Julia Kucherenko (Moona), who are the founders of the School of Integral Development «Rainbow of Life», consultants on rejuvenation and prolongation of life, instructors of yoga; for more than 15 years, they hold trainings on self-development. More than 1000 trainings were performed in Ukraine and abroad during this time.

Andrew Kucherenko (Blagodat) is the author of the books «Not-doing is to Live» and «The Meditative Fasting», «The First Chakra is the Foundation for Life», «How I’m going to Live 300 Years», the author of numerous articles on rejuvenation, health improvement, and self-development.

Julia Kucherenko (Moona) is the author of the book «Yoga for Pregnant Women», the author of numerous articles for women on rejuvenation and gaining naturalness, the consultant on preparation for natural and healthy childbirth.

There is a combination of deep group techniques and individual approach to each participant.

Send your applications for participation to E-mail:,

Contact phone numbers of organizers:

Inna +1 973-610-9343 (+Viber)
Henry +1 310-926-9389 (+Viber)
Diana +1 657-666-0777 (Viber only)